Con-soul-ing Gracey is a comic that was published in 2014 on tumblr (and later on DeviantArt) by Kelly Green.


This one-panel comic shows Master Gracey (in his skeletal form) sitting grumpily in his armchair while the Ghost Host tries to console him.

Author's CommentEdit


“It’s been one of those days where I just had to draw a grumpy Master Gracey in a fluffy robe with the Ghost Host attempting to console him. (I almost wrote "con-soul", just so you know.)”


”'Twas an image that popped up in my brain that I had to sketch out. I haven't a clue what dialogue would be spoken, so I left it as is. And, yeah, the title's a pun. Whoops.”


  • Benthehyena commented on the comic on DeviantArt and, in answer to Kelly's statement that she couldn't think of what dialogue could be spoken between the two characters, wrote a version of the dialogue:
Ghost Host: Cheer up, Dorian! Yes, Ms Ravenswood ran away when she saw you, thinking you were her father the Phantom. But know you are not this man, and that anybody would be scared of a creepy skeleton like you. Don’t be mad at her, hm hm hmmm !!
Master Gracey: That's… really comforting, Vincent…