Gracey, please (KEL TU 003) is a comic published simultaneously on tumblr and DeviantArt in 2013 by Kelly Green.


It is a one-panel comic showing Master Gracey (in his skeletal form) begging the Ghost Host to allow him to tour the mortal guests, be it only once. The Ghost Host, inflexible, refuses and tries to get Gracey to make a fool of himself acting like a whiny kid.

Author's CommentEdit


“Gracey doesn’t quite understand the level of proficiency and patience one must have be the mortal’s tour guide. The Ghost Host insists that observing them in the foyer from a portrait doesn’t qualify as enough experience.”


“Dang it, Master Gracey, you have your own job.”


  • Beyond the obvious comedy based on the characters' quirks, the comic might be a reference to fan's insistent theories that Master Gracey is actually the Ghost Host.