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It's THAT time of the year (KEL DA 007) is a comic published in 2012 on DeviantArt by Kelly Green.


It's once again the season of the Haunted Mansion Holidays, as Ezra, Phineas and Gus are painfully reminded in this one-panel comic when they are assaulted by Lock, Shock and Barrel!

Author's Comment[]

“Here's a little idea that came about thanks to HMH. In retrospect, I should've finished this last year.”


  • Each Hitchhiking Ghost is purposefuly paired with the "right" trick-or-treater:
    • Phineas is paired with Shock, who, likes Phineas, is the more level-headed member of the trio;
    • Ezra is paired with Lock, who is also the bragging leader of his group;
    • Gus is paired with Barrel, also an eccentric "dead weight" who rarely talks.