Brides of the Mansion (KEL DA 003) is a comic published on DeviantArt in 2011 by Kelly Green.


This one-panel comic shows a gathering of the Ghost Brides, who are all having tea. On the left, the two oldest brides, the Skeletal Beating-Heart Bride and the Roud-Eyes Beating Heart Bride, are idly chatting. In the middle, Melanie Ravenswood is crying and whining loudly, presumably over her vanished fiancé, much to the annoyance of Constance Hatchaway, who seems inches away from chopping Melanie's head off. Finally, on the right, the Spinster Bride is bragging in front of the reserved Baby-Face Bride.

Author's CommentEdit

“I had so much fun with this. XD

My source was this wonderful place: [1]

I kinda cheated by putting Melanie in here instead of that one other bride who I didn't put in here. I didn't want to pass up the chance to pair her with Constance; seeing how those two are on opposite ends of the husband-spectrum.”