Here There Be Ghosts (KEL DA 002) is a comic probably published in 2011 on DeviantArt by Kelly Green.


Here There Be Ghosts is a comic dump regrouping 11 sketches.

  • The first one shows the Ghost Host bowing ironically.
  • The second one is a one-panel comic showing a Mansion Maid greeting the Ghost Host as if he were a mortal guest, much to the Host's surprise.
  • The third one shows Phineas looking for somehting in his carpet bag while sitting down; Ezra and Gus are sitting next to him, looking annoyed with Phineas.
  • The fourth one shows Constance Hatchaway holding a bouquet, from a distance.
  • The fifth one is a half-length depiction of Dorian Gracey, looking smug as usual.
  • The sixth one depicts Madame Leota sneering at Edgar the Raven, who is perched next to her crystal ball.
  • The seventh one shows a stern Butler holding a Talking Skull on a silver platter.
  • The eigth onne shows Constance Hatchaway standing up, one hand on her waist, holding her hatchet with the other, smiling disdainfully.
  • The ninth one shows Constance Hatchaway smiling as she has just beheaded someone.
  • The tenth one shows the Organist in half)lenth, wearing his hat and coat as well as his usual stern expression.
  • The eleventh one is another one-panel comic. It depicts the Hatbox Ghost, still banished, looking inside the Mansion from a window and muttering: "Soon…"


The fifth sketch is inspired by the portrait of Master Gracey in the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion ride.


  • Here There Be Ghosts is the one of the earliest Haunted Mansion comics by Kelly Green.
  • The origin of the 'Butler and Skull' tableau is unknown. It does not correspond to any known Mansion characters, though a deleted version of the Ballroom scene did involve a bride's head being carried on a platter.
  • Like several other early comics, Here There Be Ghosts was deleted from DeviantArt by Kelly Green at some point after 2015. It was, however, saved on the Internet Archive in 2016 based on a personal copy.