I Don't Even (KEL DA 001) is a comic probably published in 2011 on DeviantArt by Kelly Green.


It is a comic in three panels. The Organist becomes so absorbed by his music that he accidentally hits a curious Organ Banshee who had gotten too close to him.


  • I Don't Even appears to be the first-ever Haunted Mansion comic by Kelly Green. It is also, to date, the only time she has used the Organ Banshees in a comic.
  • At some point after 2015, Kelly Green deleted this comic from DeviantArt. Fortunately, it has been restored here from a personal copy made before the deletion of the original.
  • The Organ Banshee whom Thaddeus accidentally smacks in the face while playing has been dubbed Li'l Bob in one of the comments on the original DeviantArt page; the character, explictly referred to as Li'l Bob, was reused in 2016 in Scrooge MacDuck's Bothersome Banshee (SCR DA 014).