KEL ASK 021 is a comic and an ask answer published in 2015 on tumblr by Kelly Green.


Original AskEdit

ANONYMOUS: “First of all I want to say that I really really love your art. You have such a great talent and you have been a big inspiration for me. I thank you for that. Second, I don't know If you are still doing this, but this was what I was going to ask. What would happen if someone (maybe me or a other fan!) dared to sneak to the Ghost Host and gave him a little suprise kiss? Would he go after the guilty one with a hatchet like that raven? Or would he do something else?”

Kelly's AnswerEdit

“Aw, thank you! And he wouldn’t do much but perhaps get a lil’ cocky.”

Comic DescriptionEdit

The Ghost Host appears amused of the "surprise kiss" from the mortal, and states that he shouldn't be surprised, due to possessing a certain "otherworldy charm".