Not the reaction he wanted (KEL ASK 012) is a comic and ask answer published in 2015 on tumblr (and later on DeviantArt) by Kelly Green.


Original AskEdit

ANONYMOUS: “Hey Mr. Hatbox Ghost, how do the other residents of the Haunted Mansion feel about your return?”

Comic DescriptionEdit

In a four-panels-long comic, the Hatbox Ghost, on his way back to the Attic, stops by the Ballroom and announces his glorious return to the spooks residing there. Much to his chagrin, none of them recognize him at first, and when they finally do, it's only from the recent merchandise and not from his actual stay in the Mansion.

Author's CommentEdit


“This takes place over a month ago, on the day he was officially allowed back. Since then, he elected to not care what the others think. (Halfway through this, I realized that it doesn't completely answer the question. Sorry. Also, this is really bad. …I tried.)”


“Well, at least his mortal following was excited about his return.”


  • On DeviantArt, only the comic was posted; the question it was answering to was omitted.