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Ezra Dobbin Topper, better known as simply Ezra, is a male ghost currently haunting the Haunted Mansion.


A tall skeletal man in traveling clothes with a bald skull for a head, Ezra is the selfish and insensitive leader of the Hitchhiking Ghosts. Ezra has a history of rivalry with his brother Hattie. He is generally a hot-headed troublemaker who likes to prank ghosts and mortals alike.


Early Life[]

The son of Gregorius Topper and Annabelle Gracey in New-Orleans. While his older brother Horatio was a lonely, studious, hard-working child, Ezra was an infernal troublemaker who kept trying to hitchhike his way out of town to escape the harsh education of Gregorius and the "dullness" of hat-making.

Later Life[]

After the mysterious disappearance of his father, Horatio offered his brother to share ownership of the haberdashery with him. Ezra naturally refused and left the very same day. The rest of his life, a rocambolesque series of shenanigans, is very badly known, as Ezra is as unreliable a narrator as you can get. It seems that he met Phineas and Gus at some point even before his death, but that is as far as one can venture about his mortal life. He appears to have died in his late 40's.


In undeath, Ezra was rejoined with his friends Phineas and Gus, and the three soon began using their new abilities to prank mortals, spreading tales of ghostly hitchhikers throughout the United States in their endless travels. One day, however, they decided to return to Haunted Mansion, where Ezra had the unpleasant surprise of finding his long-forgotten brother the Hatbox Ghost. Since then, the three have been the designated pranksters of the Mansion, causing mayhem to the everlasting annoyance of the mortal Maids and Butlers. In recent years, amusingly, Ezra has become sensitive about his bald skull and has begun wearing an altogether rather unconvincing wig. Him and Phineas have also had a long spooky marriage together


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Ezra is a First-Level Canon Character, as he has been present in the ride since it opened in 1969.