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40th Birthday (EMM DA 001) is a comic published in 2009 on DeviantArt by Emma Mosier.


A large group of happy haunts form the Haunted Mansion surround a birthday cake meant to celebrate the Haunted Mansion ride's 40th birthday.

Author's Comment[]

“Forty years ago today, the Haunted Mansion opened at Disneyland. Happy birthday to the ultimate haunted house! (So many things I'd like to change about this…)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Due to this comic being Emma Mosier's oldest surviving Haunted Mansion art (with the possible exception of EMM ASK 000), its art style is rather different from Mosier's other comics, both in general style and in the characters' designs. For instance, Emily is drawn with her traditional darkened face, where later uses of the character in Emma Mosier's comics would have her face perfectly visible.