EMM ASK 121 is a comic and ask answer published in 2015 on tumblr by Emma Mosier.


Original AskEdit

ANONYMOUS: “Something that am very surprised about is how Disney hasn't done a Haunted Mansion/Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) mashup yet. Could you imagine what the manor, or the happy haunts would look like dressed up for that Hoilday? Everyone looking like sugar skulls and such.”

Emma's AnswerEdit

“I suppose I could see that, though I guess it depends on whether one could headcanon the spooks as Latinx (I’m undecided). Also! There are some lovely Día decorations in Zocalo Park at Disneyland.”

Comic DescriptionEdit

Colored portrait of some of the Mansion's most notable spooks in full Dia de Muertos make-up and attire.

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