EMM ASK 108 is a comic and ask answer published in 2015 on tumblr by Emma Mosier.


Original AsksEdit

ANONYMOUS: “Do you ever see any of those so-called Jedi that have passed on?”

ANONYMOUS: “Are there any… bad ghosts? (Like Disney Villains that were killed in the movies — do they ever show up as ghosts?)”

ANONYMOUS: “Have Casper or Danny Fenton ever stopped by before?”

ANONYMOUS: “Do you ever get any other visits from Holiday Celebrities?”

ANONYMOUS: “During Christmas, do you get any other visitors besides Jack? Like the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future?”

ANONYMOUS: “Do you get any visitors that you, uh, don't normally expect to get?”

Comic DescriptionEdit

The Ghost Host, surrounded by a crowd of the individuals in question, answers with a resounding YES.

Author's CommentEdit

“Sorry I thought it would be easier to answer these all in one fell swoop. (That's the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come on a swing in the back there.)”

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