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The Mistress of Evil, an extremely dangerous demon.

Demons are the most powerful kind of spirits.


Demons are extremely powerful spirits, comparable to overpowered goblins. Like Goblins, demons were never alive, which sets them apart from ghosts (even though the more powerful ghosts can be very similar to Demons). Many demons roam the Earth, a menace to both mortals and spirits. However, large concentrations of extremely evil demons can also be found in the Underworld, an underground pocket dimension. Generally, a majority of demons are malevolent and thus extremely dangerous. Fortunately, it is possible to bind demons or, sometimes, to send them back to the Underworld. Demons like to make magical deals, exchanging favours for eternal servitude. However, most demon contracts are tricked. Demons are consumate in the art of Shapeshifting, and many take on odd forms.

List of Demons[]